Strategic Insight into Disruptive Technologies

Perceptive Analysis helps technology vendors and users understand how they can leverage new, disruptive technologies to gain competitive advantage. At the same time, our analysis provides the “so what” behind technology trends.

Too often, vendors and technology users push into new areas without understanding the true impact and benefits. Our analysis surfaces both the reasoning behind, and benefits of, adopting specific technologies to win in the newly connected IoT world.

Developing & Supporting IoT Products

Product company executives and managers are inundated with demands to develop, service and support IoT-enabled products. But what does IoT and its enablement really mean to a product company?

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Preparing for Industry 4.0

For manufacturers, Industry 4.0 success relies upon the ability to connect all product-related processes via a ‘digital thread' of information. Yet, most product companies struggle to put into context the data that resides within their digital thread. How can they put their data into context so that everyone, from engineering and manufacturing to product support and maintenance, can optimize what they do?

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Delivery Infrastructure for Mobile Apps & IoT

Delivering revenue-generating applications and IoT product support to an increasingly mobile world is fraught with performance impediments. What are the best ways to generate revenue, retain users and/or optimize customer support over Internet/cloud/mobile infrastructures?

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