Perceptive Analysis is all about disruptive technologies. Based on 20 years of experience, John Tenore launched the site in early 2016 as a vehicle to help executives, engineering leaders and business managers recognize the ways they can, and should, leverage disruptive technologies to benefit their organizations. The site’s particular focus area surrounds the Internet of Things (IoT), specifically the enabling infrastructure, software and processes that make both vendors and end users successful in the IoT arena.

John has provided both high-level and deep-dive market research, competitive intelligence and strategic consulting around numerous technology categories since 1996. His experiences across Asia, Europe and the Americas include strategic work for market leaders, such as Akamai, Aras, AT&T, Dassault Systemes, EMC, Gartner, IBM and more. He derives insights from in-depth analysis of customer case results, end-user responses to new technologies, findings from industry thought leaders and verified vendor capabilities.

Most recently, John has delved deeply into IoT from the perspective of product companies and the ways in which they are developing and supporting their products to meet evolving customer expectations in an IoT world. In parallel, he is completing a two-year comparison of Internet infrastructure options for app and service delivery. It evaluates mobile, cloud and fixed line infrastructure to surface performance variations and how they affect delivery of apps and IoT products and services.

As this site publishes an ongoing set of research commentary around IoT, please feel free to share your thoughts at info@perceptiveanalysis.com.

How Does IoT Impact the Business of Engineering?

How Does IoT Impact the Business of Engineering?

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